Prof. Dr. Oliver Amft

Chair of Digital Health

We investigate and develop ubiquitous and body-worn sensor and actuator systems (wearables, implants, ingestibles) as well as machine learning algorithms for pattern search and mining in complex, multimodal biomedical datasets.

Research projects

  • Context recognition in multimodal data, e.g. to qualify physiological data in daily life.
  • Automated digital system design (mechanics, electronics, software) and system simulation with digital twins.
  • Creation and clinical validation of digital biomarkers and digital health twins from timeseries and image data.
  • Data minining, rule and morif search in timeseries data.
  • Creation of human behaviour twins,
  • Context recognition in smart homes and wearable systems,
  • Data interfaces and automated testing of digital health applications (German DiGA),
  • Many projects on systems and solutions for specific indications and support for patients, therapists and physicians, see, e.g.

Current Projects

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