Dr. Sascha-Michael Benjamin Fink

Centre for Philosophy and AI Research {PAIR}

Currently, my main focus is on epistemic risks of interacting with engineered environments and tools. This includes artificial intelligence, sensory prostheses, deep brain stimulation, pharmacological interventions like psychedelics in psychotherapy, and so on. Besides this, I have written on neural correlates of consciousness and neurophenomenal structuralism (see my Google scholar page here; most of my work can be found online as open access).

Research projects

I am involved in the following projects: DFG/AHRC-funded project SENSOR “Sensory Engineering: Investigating Altered and Guided Perception and Hallucination” (with the Center for the Study of Perceptual Experiences at the University of Glasgow); BMBF/DLR-funded project „PsychedELSI: Ethische, legale und soziale Implikationen der Neuropsychopharmakologie in der Psychotherapie – Vorbereitung auf die psychedelische Renaissance“; two Taiwanese-German projects, funded by EU ERANET NEURON, PSYTRANS (on psychedelic transformation) and COMPAIN (on complex pain ontologies). Previously, I have been a PI in the DFG-funded research training group Extrospection: External Acces to Higher Cognitive Processes (2019–2023).

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