Prof. Dr. Angela Roth

School of Business, Economics and Society, Chair of Information Systems I, Innovation and Value Creation

I am doing research in the field of open and service innovation. One focus is to analyse how physical and digital platforms must be designed to foster service ecosystems and networks. The topic of how to integrate different disciplines, e.g. medical engineering, digital health, but also education and retailing into such platforms and spaces to innovate services, is highly relevant.

Research projects

Build future of service research and service innovation in German research landscape (DL2030, DF2, OSL) – Analyse smart service development processes and service ecosystems (smarthappps) – Designing platforms and spaces for service innovation (Josephs).

Current projects

  • Resilience by orchestrating citizen-driven innovation through digital platforms in urban-rural constellations

    (Third Party Funds Group – Overall project)

    Term: 1. January 2024 - 31. December 2026
    Funding source: andere Förderorganisation

    The research project investigates how theresilience of municipalities can be improved by orchestrating citizen-driveninnovation. Through the transdisciplinary involvement of civil society, municipalities can benefit from innovation impulses or hand over parts of theinnovation process to civil society to be more agile in responding to crisesand challenges, while at the same time enabling civil society to participatemore by strengthening its own capacities. The aim is therefore to explore howan open digital innovation platform for municipalities should be designed sothat innovators from civil society can organize themselves there at a lowthreshold to jointly develop solutions in crisis situations (possibly incooperation with the municipality). As the problem areas of socio-environmentalchallenges in the context of sustainability (e.g. mobility, climate change,food supply, local recreation, housing, or education) in urban contexts tend torequire a regional level in the sense of subsidiarity, another focus of theproject is the interweaving of urban and rural areas as socially andfunctionally complementary spaces for the common good. In the design andprovision of such a platform, the project also considers issues of dataprotection and the provision of such a platform, e.g. as a public service.Through the permanent and sustainable establishment of a digital platform fornetworking civil society actors in urban-rural constellations, the project aimsto support municipalities in orchestrating citizen-driven innovations and tostrengthen the resilience of a municipality's society and its spatial interdependencies.

  • Digital services as a success factor for the future of value creation

    (Third Party Funds Single)

    Term: 1. August 2019 - 31. March 2025
    Funding source: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)

    Digital Transformation as a core driver influences service offerings and business models, as well as organisation, collaboration and forms of human labour. The ability to shape digital services has the potential to be a key competence in this new idea of value creation. There is already a trend of technical innovations like Artificial Intelligence (AI) or the Internet of Things (IoT) being applied in digital services. More over, digitalisation offers new ways of interaction between provider and user in addition to the possibility of co-creating services. 

    The research project “DL2030” identifies major R&D requirements and approaches to address these. The focus is thereby on technology orientated service systems with high customer value. These systems lead the way towards a competitive German economy. By these measures, the position of service research as a stand-alone scientific field is strengthened. Strategic research directions, potentials and requirements are enforced. The research roadmap, created during the project, is a foundational element for future research emphases in service research.   With these goals DL2030 is also supporting the High-Tech-Strategy 2025 of the German government.  

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