Prof. Dr. Heinrich Sticht

Institute of Biochemistry

Protein-protein interactions play a crucial role for the transduction of information in biological systems. The identification of the underlying principles of molecular recognition is important for the understanding of regulatory mechanisms as well as for the prediction of novel, physiologically relevant protein interactions. The bioinformatics group is primarily interested in investigating molecular interactions by a variety of computational tools (e.g. sequence data analysis, molecular modeling, and molecular dynamics).

Research projects

  • Protein aggregation
  • Host-pathogen interaction
  • Molecular communication processes

Current projects

  • E035: Deciphering Autosomal Recessive Neurodevelopmental Disorders

    (FAU Funds)

    Term: 1. May 2023 - 30. September 2025
    Autosomal recessive mutations significantly contribute to intellectual disability and neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs). However, high genetic heterogeneity of NDDs makes it difficult to prove pathogenicity. Using a comprehensive approach, we will combine genome sequencing and transcriptomics in a unique patient cohort of consanguineous Turkish families with at least two affected children, together with in silico analysis of candidates and in vivo screening in the Drosophila model organism.

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