Prof. Dr. Helge Taubert

Molecular Urology, Universitätsklinikum Erlangen

Research projects

  • DFG-Project: MicroRNA mediated regulation of key components of the Mediator Complex (MED) and its functional role in CRPC EU-EIT Health Project (PI Karolinska Institute)
  • Imaging in prostate cancer diagnosis BMBF (PI Prof. Bauer/Dermatology)
  • Diagnostics with biomarker patterns from plasma extra-cellular vesicles (pEV) using artificial intelligence (AI) methods
  • Identification of biomarkers in urologic cancers for diagnosis, prognosis or therapieprediction/monitoring.
  • Characterization of (cancer) stem cell-associated gene-/protein expression.
  • Focus on microRNA-expression profiles in tumors and liquid biopsies.

Current projects

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