Prof. Dr. Jan Kremers

Department of Ophthalmology

Research projects

  • Physiology and electrophysiology of the healthy and diseased retina and its significance for visual perception.
  • Research in human subjects (healthy subjects and well-described patient groups with retinal disorders) and in animals (healthy animals; animal models for human diseases and genetically modified animals).
  • Interaktionen der fotorezeptor-generierten Signale im Elektroretinogramm von Mäusen Function and dysfunction of rod- and cone-driven pathways: novel approaches for measuring treatment effects Eine neue Sicht der postrezeptoralen Signalverarbeitung in retino-genikulärer Sehbahnen beim Menschen Retina 2.0. Image acquisition from retina to sensors.
  • Decoding central defects in dystrophinopathies: from diagnostic to remediation Artificial Intelligence for Diagnosing Retinal Diseases

Current projects

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