Prof. Dr. Jessica Freiherr

Chair of Psychiatry

Research projects

  • Body odor perception in humans
  • Multisensory integration processes in humans
  • Behavioral, psychophysiological and functional brain imaging studies about sensory perception in humans.
  • A special interest is on the human sense of smell.

Current projects

  • Sensory Sciences Lab

    (FAU Funds)

    Term: 17. October 2022 - 30. September 2023

    The interdisciplinary field of Sensory Sciences explores how people perceive their environment with different sensory modalities and react to them physically and psychologically. In this interdisciplinary course, advanced students from different subjects (psychology, medicine, chemistry - molecular science) learn about and apply important topics, theories and methods of the sensory sciences in a hands-on research. In interdisciplinary teams, students work on small research projects so that they can contribute and deepen their previous subject-specific perspectives and competences, and at the same time engage in an interdisciplinary exchange.

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