Prof. Dr. Klaus Pfeifer

Department Sport Science and Sport, Chair for Physical Activity and Health

Physical Activity Promotion, Exercise Therapy, Rehabilitation Science, Interdisciplinary Human Movement Science and Training Science The Physical Activity and Health Division addresses questions of physical activity promotion within the spectrum of individual physical activity-related health competence (PAHCO) and the capabilities of health promotion in certain settings. For example, the research focuses on interventions for motor control and motor learning in people with health conditions, or on possibilities for initiating physically active lifestyles in exercise therapy (also using digital technologies). Furthermore, new ways for sustainable and structurally anchored physical activity promotion are developed, e.g. in vocational education or health care, using participatory approaches.

Research projects

  • Physical activity promotion in the German health care system
  • Establishing pathways of exercise prescription for people with non-communicable diseases – KOMBINE and VERBUND
  • Community-Based Physical Activity Promotion to Implement National Recommendations
  • MS-bewegt: Promotion of physical activity with e-health counseling and training programme for people with multiple sclerosis
  • Physical Activity-related Health Competence in Apprenticeship and Vocational Education. As a subproject of the research network Capital4Health, PArC-AVE follows the overarching goal of developing and implementing interventions to promote capabilities for an active lifestyle.
  • Facilitating Motor Skill Learning by Aerobic Training in Parkinson’s Disease (FaST-PD)

Current projects

  • Dissemination of Physical Activity-related Health Competence in Vocational Education of Nursing Care

    (Third Party Funds Single)

    Term: 1. November 2022 - 31. August 2024
    Funding source: Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Gesundheit und Pflege, StMGP (seit 2018), andere Förderorganisation

    The project TakeCare! addresses the problem that vocational students of nursing care cope with great physical and psychological demands during their daily routines. To meet these demands, the Bavarian curriculum for generalist nurses has adopted the promotion of physical activity-related health competence (PAHCO) for vocational students. However, it must be assumed that the concept has not yet been adopted comprehensively across the Bavarian nursing landscape. Therefore, the project TakeCare! project tackles the question of how PAHCO can be implemented most appropriately in Bavarian nursing schools. Drawing on experiences from the project PArC-AVE, three different dissemination approaches will being tested and compared with a control group. A total of 16 nursing schools from different regions of Bavaria will be assigned to four different study arms (cluster-randomized design). In the long term, the project aims to derive recommendations for all nursing schools in Bavaria.

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