Advanced imaging in gastroenterology.

Research projects

  • molecular endoscopy optoacoustics near infraved imaging

Current projects

  • Smurf2-dependent repression of type I IFN signalling in inflammatory bowel disease and mucosal healing

    (FAU Funds)

    Term: 1. January 2021 - 31. December 2023
    To understand the role played by ubiquitination of type I interferon in the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease we intend to induce DSS colitis in two newly generated conditional mouse strains i.e. Stat2 and Smurf2 in experimental colitis models. CRISPR/Cas, three dimensional organoids coupled with Nanostring and RNA-Seq/GO analysis will be used to understand molecular mechanisms underlying DSS findings. Data will be validated using samples from IBD patients and controls.

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