Prof. Dr. Christoph Ostgathe

Department for Palliative Medicine

Regarding MedTech research, our main focus is a touchless and burden-free assessment of biomarkers, which are objective and quantifiable, e.g. radar-based detection of heartbeat and breathing as well as AI-applications for both clinical routine data and experimental data as the aforementioned radar-based biomarkers. We underpin our MedTech research with another scientific core competency of our research department: research into ethical, legal, and social aspects and implications. We address social aspects with a strong background in healthcare research and a mixed-methods approach. To study ethical and legal aspects we have established close collaborations with research partners.

Research projects

  • Radar-based vital parameter assessment: using six-port interferometry we detect biomarkers, e.g. pulse wave, heart sounds, thoraxic excursions by breathing;
  • As tertiary data we derive heart rate variability from heart rate over time AI-based analyses: using methods based on learning algorithms, e.g. rule mining we analyse structured and unstructured clinical routine data
  • Experimental data Health App-Research: first health market prototypes for assessment, monitoring and improving health and patient care

Current projects

  • Empathokinästhetische Messung und Bewegungsmustererkennung als Biomarker für Gesundheitszustand

    (Third Party Funds Group – Sub project)

    Overall project: Empathokinästhetische Sensorik
    Term: 1. July 2021 - 30. June 2025
    Funding source: DFG / Sonderforschungsbereich (SFB)

    D05 erforscht bei Palliativpatienten für Gesundheitszustand, Befinden und Prognose erstmals Be-wegungen als Biomarker, d. h. objektivierbare, messbare und quantifizierbare Parameter, die eine diagnostische und prädiktive Bedeutung haben. Diese Biomarker werden in Labor und Living Lab der Palliativstation mit Patientinnen untersucht. Berührungslose Sensorik erlaubt erstmals einen wissenschaftlichen Zugang zur letzten Lebensphase. Ebenso erforscht D05 sozialwissenschaftliche Herausforderungen medizintechnologischer Innovationen in der Palliativmedizin prototypisch für alle Gesundheitsbereiche.

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