Prof. Dr. Sven Laumer

Schöller Endowed Chair for Information Systems, Digitalization in Business and Society

In our research we place the people at the center of the digital transformation. We focus on digital collaboration (e.g.,, using chatbots for healthcare purposes), people analytics (e.g., analyzing individuals health related data to trigger healthier behaviors), and challenges of digitalization (e.g. technostress).

Research projects

  • We are part of the EGHI project:
    The aim of the project is to develop an AI-based assistance system that supports healthy behavior. Data from wearables and smartphones will be evaluated in order to provide users with recommendations for health-promoting behavior based on situation analyses, behavioral models and a digital twin (virtual image of a human being). Our research deals with negative emotions, dependency and stress in digital working and living environments.

  • Künstliche Intelligenz, Chatbots und Rekrutierung: Die Sicht der Kandidaten

    (Third Party Funds Single)

    Term: 1. November 2018 - 31. December 2021
    Funding source: Stiftungen



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