Prof. Kristian Franze

Institute of Medical Physics and Max Planck Center for Physics and Medicine

We investigate how cellular forces, local cell, and tissue viscoelasticity, and cellular mechanosensitivity contribute to CNS development and disease. Methods we are exploiting include atomic force microscopy, traction force microscopy, custom-built simple and complex compliant cell culture substrates, optical microscopy including confocal laser scanning microscopy, and cell biological techniques.

Research projects

  • Role of tissue mechanics in regulating neuronal development
  • Quantification of CNS tissue mechanics in health and disease
  • Role of tissue mechanics in pathological processes such as foreign body reactions and spinal cord injuries
  • Symmetry breaking of microtubule networks in neurons
  • Development of atomic force microscopy-based methods to measure and manipulate tissue mechanics
  • Development of AI-based software for automated data/image analysis

Current projects

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